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What challenges do companies face with their VoC programs?

VoC programs have failed to become a source of the customer centricity transformation, as most of the market VoC software usually only provides transactional data on NPS with an absolute lack of data insights for the business.

How does our 360 Active Listener work?

Our VoC combination of building blocks connect the moments of truth of any customer with the different touchpoints of the Journey; this creates a seamless environment with the companies internal technology to master real time customer journey analytics directly driven to action plans and continuous improvement.

Surveys BB
  • Survey integrator
  • App / Web survey connector
  • Survey widgets
Alert BB
  • Incident management orchestrator
  • Resolution interface
  • Close the loop module
  • Alert integration module
Action plans BB
Data report BB
  • BI connector
  • Report generator module
Co-creation BB
  • Co-creation survey connector
  • Co-creation widgets
  • Neural network for text analytics
  • Neural network for alert generation
  • Customer behavior prediction module
  • KPI prediction module

What makes our solution unique?
Or Why is our solution unique?

360 Active Listener is what any other VoC has failed to be: Not only do we provide descriptive outcomes, but also real predictive ones, like potential customer churn or NPS / CSAT 3 months forecasting, as well as co-creation tools to allocate customers in the center of every design thinking project.
On top of that, our strategic consulting teams will partner with you every single day to boost performance, understand data, and craft business plans based on valuable insights gathered from our AI-powered solution.

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