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How sure can you be that you’re addressing employee engagement properly and effectively?

Numerous organizations have implemented Voice of Employee (VoE) programs, which evolved from traditional Employee Satisfaction Surveys that have been used in HR since the mid-20th century.

The question is: Is this truly Employee Engagement? Can these programs alone support our CX investment and give us a competitive edge in terms of customer experience in our market space?
The answer is a resounding "No."

Boost Engagement from a single app solution

We have developed a corporate app, available for Apple, Android and Desktop, that covers the whole cycle of CX Engagement: Training materials and contents, CX microprojects handling, libraries of resources, Surveys for Voice of Employee generation, Ideas Fest, Messaging around customer service…all into the pocket of all your employees, and using gamification as driver to expand adoption.

  • Internal communication building blocks
  • Messaging building BB 
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Our own CX Engagement Model shaped through years of successful implementation

Our end-to-end CX engagement solution starts by crafting internal customer journeys, encompassing recruitment, welcome plans, career and talent development, compensation, and more. By creating detailed employee persona profiles, we build a solid framework for fostering employee engagement centered around CX. To ensure excellence, we collaborate with the esteemed Phil Klaus Institute, offering a World-class CX external certification to all hierarchical levels within the company. From front-line employees (CX1) to the Board (CX5), we prioritize top-notch training and recognition to elevate our CX initiatives to the highest standards.

Harmony and impact lead together

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