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Wisdom Embodied: Unleashing Omoikane-AI for Business Growth and Customer Satisfaction

Omoikane appears in the Japanese mythology as the God of wisdom, thoughts and talent. The name Omoikane consists of 'omoi' (meaning discretion) and 'kane' (meaning combine). We chose naming our AI solution “Omoikane-AI” because it represents how we harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to provide unparalleled capabilities that drive meaningful business growth and customer satisfaction

AI-Powered customer experience analytics

Our AI algorithms analyze vast volumes of customer data in real-time to understand customer behaviors, preferences, and pain points. We utilize neural networks for data labeling, and we have developed our own pre-processing techniques to refine the quality of our input data

Advanced journey communications management
  • Leveraging AI, our platform orchestrates personalized customer journeys across multiple touchpoints. From initial interaction to post-purchase engagement, we automate, centralize, and optimize communications
Predictive Analytics
  • Our AI-driven predictive analytics model forecasts customer behavior, enabling proactive responses to potential issues and opportunities. Our neural network allows for customer segmentation, and actionable insights, based on the information provided by companies and customer responses
Sentiment Analysis
  • Through NLP, we enable businesses to understand and respond to customer sentiments, considering everything from labeling, text content, and punctuation to determine the level of customer anger or frustration
Pre-abandonment detection & warnings
  • We have developed a neural network that can predict the likelihood of customer abandonment and pre-abandonment behavior and empowers businesses to take preemptive actions and enhance resource allocation
AI-driven action plan
  • Our AI system generates specific recommendations based on the customer's pain points. These recommendations will be tailored by industry and problem type, providing guidance on how to improve identified indicators

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