Multichannel Contact Orchestrator

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Why doesn’t the CRM ever deliver on expectations?

Despite the initial promise of CRM systems as the ultimate solution for customer data management, they often fall short due to their rigidity, high costs, and inability to seamlessly integrate with the diverse IT ecosystems of businesses. In a world where third-party and legacy software play a crucial role in the customer equation, CRM systems tend to struggle to keep up with the dynamic and interconnected nature of modern businesses.

And… Orchestrator? What does it mean?

Our solution makes it possible to make the interaction with any available contact channels (apps, website, point of sale, call center, email, SMS, WhatsApp, Chatbots…), automating and optimizing all of them with a single interface that allows click-&-go workflows that empower solo messages in data bases with millions of customers.

Database management BB
  • Oracle connector
  • Microsoft SQL connector
  • PostgreSQL connector
  • MongoDB connector
  • Database orchestrator 
Business Process BB
  • Webservice integrator
  • SOAP / REST connector
  • WSDL Generator
  • Business process orchestrator
Messaging building BB 
  • Email / SMS / MMS connector
  • WhatsApp connector
  • HTML / SMS designing tool
  • Messaging orchestrator 
Data report BB
  • BI connector
  • Report generator module

What makes our solution unique?
Or Why is our solution unique?

Our Multichannel Contact Orchestrator is the linking point between your CRM (Salesforce, Siebel,…) your Contact Center (Genesys, Oracle, Zendesk…), your ERP (SAP, IBM, etc…) and all your ad hoc operational systems. With us, your customers will benefit from more accurate sales campaigns, adapted digital marketing communications, an a sense of belonging to your brand never experienced before.

Harmony and impact lead together

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